Kodak Retina Automatic III

The Retina Automatic III from Kodak is a beautiful German-made classic rangefinder camera with an ultra sharp 45mm f/2.8 Schneider-Kreuznach Retina-Xenar lens. I picked this up locally through an online ad. I'd never owned any "German glass" before - this was my first. The solid feel and excellent workmanship of the camera in hand and in use did not disappoint, and when I got the images back I was amazed at how sharp they were.

Kodak Retina Automatic III, classic 35mm rangefinder film camera

LIKES: Very solidly built camera - feels "top of the line"; very nice viewfinder; film advance lever is on the bottom of this camera, which I rather liked once I got used to it; and of course, the lens - wicked, wicked sharp!

DISLIKES: The shutter release is on the front of the camera along side the lens assembly (the half circle knob to the left of the lens in the photo above) - unlike the film advance on the bottom, I just didn't get used to this - it felt awkward to me.

Photo taken with a Kodak Retina Automatic III, click to view sample image gallery

Above: Dining at a Bed & Breakfast in Portsmouth, NH; Photo taken with a Kodak Retina Automatic III 35mm rangefinder film camera.

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