Konica MG

The Konica MG is a very capable 35mm point and shoot auto focus camera. Despite the slider cover that might suggest it's a small P&S, it's actually about the same size as the Nikon L35AF or the Canon Sure Shot (which is great in my opinion - makes for more solid shooting). I aquired this one through Ebay and was fortunate that it came to me in good solid working condition - signs of wear (or should I say love), but very respectable for its age, and still fun to shoot with. This camera did very well with a roll of Kodak Ultramax 400 during my test shoot. Sample photo and specs below...

The Konica MG compact 35mm film camera

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LIKES: sharp 35mm F3.5 lens; manually set ASA to 1000 (but see note in dislikes); sliding cover (more often found on smaller point and shoot cameras); focus lock; self-timer; super easy film loading; takes regular AA batteries; slowest shutter speed 1/30th second, matching the lens so you can always be sure of a steady shot (very nice!).

DISLIKES: noisy moter drive (typical of this generation though); no ASA 800 setting (even though it goes up to 1000).

TIPS: As I've said with other point and shoot cameras of this generation - these cameras thrive on 400 speed film in my opinion. The reason is simple - in the lack of any exposure controls, using faster film will guarantee smaller apertures and faster shutter speeds which of course means better sharper images in most cases.

Klaman Bottle Building in Portland taken with Konica MG

Above: View of the Klaman Bottle Building on Fore Street in Portland, Maine. Photo taken with a Konica MG using Kodak Ultramax 400 color print film, converted to black and white in Photoshop (Kodak Ultramax 400 converts very well to black and white in my opinion).

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The best place to find a used Konica MG camera is on Ebay. Use the search link below, and if you buy one, it will help support this site while costing you nothing extra...

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Type: Automatic focus, automatic exposure 35mm slide cover type lens shutter camera with built-in auto-flash, automatic wind and automatic rewind mechanism.
Film format: 24 x 36mm negative, 135(35mm) film.
Lens: Konica Hexanon 35mm F/3.5, 4 groups, 4 elements.
Shutter: Between-the-lens electronic shutter, 1/30th - 1/500th sec.
Shutter release: Electromagnetic release, shuts off automatically when slide cover is closed.
Focus: Automatic focusing (active-type infrared type system), effective range 1.1m through infinity, with focus lock mechanism and finder-peripheral focus lock LED.
Aperture: Electronically controlled program auto-exposure system.
AE coupling range: EV9 (F/3.5 at 1/30th sec.) - EV17 (F/16 at 1/500th sec.) for ISO 100; at ISO 400 coupling effective as low as EV7; underexposure warning signal activated at EV9 (ISO 100).
Film speed settings: ISO 50, 100, 200, 400, 1000.
Finder: Reverse galileo type albada direct view finder, 0.43X magnification, bright frame (picture area) covers approx. 80% of finder area; auto-focus frame and parallax correction marks.
Flash: Built-in electronic flash; coupled with auto-focus mechanism (auto-flash); coupling range 1.1-4.5m (3.6-14.5 ft); guide numbers coupled to ISO settings; recycle light; equivalent GN12 (ISO 100 m); recycle time 8 sec. w/new alkaline batteries, 10 sec. w/new manganese batteries.
Film loading: Konica auto-load system.
Film advance: Internal electric motor advances and rewinds film automatically, film advance one frame/sec.; film advance motor stops automatically at end of roll and red light flashes to signal film end; rewind switch for automatic rewind (w/lock); red lamp lights during rewind.
Frame counter: Additive type, automatic reset.
Self-timer: Electronic timer activated by simultaneous depression of timer switch and shutter, approx. 10 sec. delay indicated by blinking red light.
Power consumption: At room temp. (20 degrees C/52 degrees F), w/new alkaline batteries, 24 frame film, approx. 80 rolls can be exposed without flash, approx. 8 rolls with flash; w/new manganese batteries, approx. 40 rolls can be exposed without flash, 4 rolls w/flash.
Power source: 2x 1.5 volt LR6 (AA) battery cells (Nickel cadmium batteries may not be used).
Size, weight: 119x71x44.5mm, (4.7"x2.8"x1.8"). 288g (10.2 oz) (without batteries).