Mamiya 135AF

I picked up this Mamiya 135AF at a local Goodwill store (I know, big shock there). It was a bit dusty, but cleaned up beautifully! It's typical of many other cameras from the same period in most ways, most notibly featuring the standard 38mm/f2.8 auto focus lens - as sharp as any other I've encountered too. Despite being mostly plastic, it feels well enough made, again similar to others in the same class. Read on to see my likes and dislikes, and to find out if there's any goodies that stand out about this one (hint: there is one and you can see it in the photo)...

Mamiya 135AF 35mm film camera

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LIKES: This one joins the Flash Fujica and Minolta Hi-Matic AF2 as the elite from this period - the ones that got it right - nice sharp auto focus lens, but leaving the winding, rewinding, and flash activation up to the photographer. Kudos Mamiya for getting that right. Okay, but get this... look closely at the shutter release button in the photo above. Do you see what I do? You got it, a standard cable release socket built into the plastic release button. Very nice touch Mamiya - thanks for keeping photographers in mind when designing your camera! I also love it when they allow screw on filters and offer auto focus preview when pressing the shutter down half way. Oh, and one more thing - auto focus seems quieter than most others in this class.

DISLIKES: I really don't have any true dislikes on this one - a true dislike to me is a feature you wish they had handled differently. So a wish-list item isn't quite the same I suppose, but I do have one of those... a +1 or +1.5 exposure compensation/backlight button is a great feature that could have been included perhaps.

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Above: Pier detail at Freeport Town Landing; Photo taken with a Mamiya 135AF using Fujicolor 200 color print film.

View a gallery of sample images from the Mamiya 135AF

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