Nikon Lite Touch AF, Compact 35mm Camera with 28mm F/3.5 Lens

The Nikon Lite Touch is an ultra-compact full frame 35mm film camera that sports a sharp and contrasty 28mm F/3.5 wide angle lens. This camera is tiny and lightweight, yet made very well. Size-wise, it's right down there with the very popular Olympus Infinity Stylus Epic. Like the Stylus Epic, this Nikon Lite Touch can be slipped into a shirt pocket. And to continue the comparison, while the lens may be one notch slower, it's also one notch wider - an acceptible trade-off in my book. Read on below for my likes and dislikes.

Nikon Lite Touch AF featuring a 28mm F/3.5 wide angle lens

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LIKES: What's not to like about a tiny pocket-sized 35mm film camera that sports a 28mm wide angle lens... 28mm! There are only a few point and shoot cameras with a true wide angle lens. Did I mention it has a 28mm lens? And did I mention that it fits in a shirt pocket? Other likes would be that you can kill the flash with a single press of a button on top of the camera. Also the camera uses a common and easy to find 123A lithium battery which lasts a long time. And lastly, the lens is sharp and contrasty - at least in the center (see dislikes).

DISLIKES: There's really not much to complain about here, but one thing is I have noticed that images can tend to be a bit soft in the corners. Whether and how much it shows depends upon the type of image - but if there's trees and sky near the corners, for example, it becomes noticable. This is common among many point and shoot lenses though. There's also no exposure compensation, although that's hardly a deal breaker as the majority of small point and shoots lack that feature.

View a gallery of sample photos taken with a Nikon Lite Touch AF600 film camera.

Above: Old Car near church in Yarmouth, Maine; Photo taken with a Nikon Lite Touch (AF600) and Kodak Ultramax 400 color print film.

View gallery of sample images from this camera

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