Olympus Infinity Stylus

The Infinity Stylus by Olympus was first introduced in 1990 and was the first generation, or original Stylus that led to the later Infinity Stylus Epic. The original Stylus was extremely respectable in its own right, being slightly larger than the later Epic and featuring a slightly slower 3.5 lens - but a high quality sharp lens it was, or should I say 'is'. Sample photo and specs below...

The Olympus Infinity Stylus film camera with f3.5 lens

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LIKES: small and sleek enough to slip into a pocket; 35mm semi-wide angle lens is good for landscape and cityscape shots; f3.5 lens is very sharp for a point-and-shoot camera; shutter speed only goes down to 1/15th of a second*.

* Okay, you're thinking this belongs in the dislikes list? Nope, I thought my Stylus might not be working correctly when I first got my hands on it because pointing it into a dark subject and test firing didn't leave the shutter open long at all, like the Epic would have done. But skimming the specs of the two quickly revealed that the slowest shutter speed on the Stylus was 1/15th versus 4 secons on the Epic. I like this alternative because if I choose to try shooting in low light without flash or a tripod, I can hope to get acceptable results hand holding at 1/15th. 1/30th would have been in better keeping with the focal length of the lens, but 1/15th could still work out well. Basically, in very dim light, I can at least try a handheld shot with the Stylus, while I wouldn't think of trying it with the Epic.

DISLIKES: just like the later Epic, the camera resets to default settings and flash is enabled by default (meaning you have to disable it again each time you open the cover, which is a pain for those of us who don't care for flash).

TIPS: using faster film, such as 400 or 800 speed results in faster shutter speeds and smaller apertures resulting in sharper images (true for any camera of course, but helpful here in the lack of any exposure controls).

Maine Roasters Coffee in Falmouth, Maine

Above: Inside Maine Roasters Coffee in Falmouth, Maine. Shot with the Olympus Infinity Stylus

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