Yashica Auto Focus Motor-D

This was a thrift store find at a whopping $3.99! When I shop in local thrift stores I am always checking the "cheap point and shoot shelf" for good finds, and this one leaped out at my on my last visit. Even when I've never heard of or seen a particular camera before, you learn to spot them quickly. There's seldom any doubt, but if there were, you could almost always go by weight. The true junk cameras are always light, and the quality cameras feel solid.

Yashica Auto Focus Motor-D 35mm camera

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LIKES: nice sharp 38mm 2.8 lens; very solid feel, yet still small enough to slip into a coat pocket; shutter release lock switch on top to prevent accidental exposures; focus lock button on front (very nice); focus distance indicator; flash doesn't activate automatically (you push down on it to release it, then it will fire).

DISLIKES: not much to complain about - except perhaps it would have been good if they showed the focus distance indicator inside the viewfinder (like the Nikon L35AF does) rather than on the front of the camera. I found myself pressing the focus lock, then looking at the front of the camera, then returning to the viewfinder to take a shot. Of course, the focusing is quite accurate, so in most situations you don't need to even use the focus lock.

Above: L.L. Bean in Freeport, Maine, with giant boot. Shot with a Yashica Auto Focus Motor-D and Kodak Ultramax 400 color print film.

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